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January 30, 2011



in regard to the Wyoming bill, susbstantial changes, including deletion of numbers were made and the latest Senate version has gone to the house.

it's still a stupid, useless, vague and unenforceable piece of crap; I'm not sure it will get through the house.

It's not as bad as the "pet animal act" which was 22 pages of establishing and funding a new bureaucracy with paid staff and about 1 paragraph of what it's supposed to do. This one doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


My goodness, I was starting to feel information overload this from reading this post. How in the world did you find time to read all of this in one week, let along the time to put this post together? So glad you summarized all of this because I don't think I can go read all of it. I did run into some of the articles during the week, but not near the number you have posted about.

I wish most of the shelter leaders would take more time to follow what is happening across our land on pet news.


More news of the week...

Some "person" (and I use that word lightly) shoots 100 sled dogs then claims post-traumatic stress disorder and sucks up government benefits. Such a humane end to the dogs' lives....slit throats and missed shots.


Sorry, the links were overlong.


Emily, I guess I should have called you out by name for info on the Wyoming law -- since I think you are my loan Wyoming representative.

Social Mange -- I will be talking more about this story in a day or two -- still trying to wrap up my thoughts.

Joni -- i think the time spent following other pet news around the country is important - but realize that not everyone has time for it -- so I started doing the weekly roundup to "round up" the best of the week that was each week.

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