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January 22, 2011


La Ryeness

Wow - tears. Good job.


excellent. Nice to see that they are getting the love that they deserve.

Joyce M.Wooten

Thank you so very much for the wonderful job that you've done. They deserve all the love and kindness in the world and obviously are getting it! Thank you from so many. :) ..And animals everywhere.


I'm glad that the judge gave them a chance to prove how great these dogs really are. They ARE the victims. They're not "just dogs"-they are living, breathing, feeling beings like us and deserve to be loved.

dog urns

Good to hear that the judge gave them a chance to prove how good the dogs are..


Thank you Brent. Frankly, we're amazed (and encouraged) by the long shelf life of this story.


Donna, this whole story has been amazing....because it has, almost single-handedly, shown three things:

1) The dogs are predominently a product of their environments

2) That the dogs are the victims of these cases, worthy of our care, not willing participants

3) Dogs are individuals

Thank you for your work in changing the narrative on this.

Mary Haight

This was wonderful work by Bad Rap and a little amazing that PBS stuck with the story. Thanks for your coverage of this, Brent. It's a breath of fresh air after seeing the Denver town council in action.

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