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January 21, 2011


Randy DeCarlo

Brent - Great article and very informative for those of us living in communities fighting off these breed bans.

One breed ban that rarely gets mentioned are the misguided attempts at overly abtusive dog barking laws.

WE fought and changed a law here that attempted to identify "nuisance barking" as any event that included five or more barking burst of ten seconds or more.

This BSL would have effected not only the gentically inclined breeds like hounds but barking pit bulls as well.

Often times what pet owners/citizens ignore are the excessively punitive penaties that come with these laws. Our old law included impound and jail sentencing guidelines that virtually allowed animal control to threaten and extort pet owners into surrendering their dogs in order to not risk losing their own liberty.

Pet owners really need to get ahead of these "ordinance revisions" which are often times supported by inaccurate media campaigns as well.

Time will tell whether we face another round of BSL OR whether teh county attempts side step the unpopular BSL with over restrctive revisions to our dangerous dog codes.

My advise is for pet owners to be part of the political process rather then waiting to be a victim to it.


Rationalization = propaganda. Goebbels, the father of modern propaganda, nailed it: "The press is a great keyboard on which the government (in our case, and the animalibbers) can play".

Another factor imo is the solicitation of victim input when legislating against a perceived danger. Bad idea for a lot of reasons.

I read Susan and Dick's paper awhile ago but should read it again.

Great post, as usual.

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