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January 20, 2011



bravo - I hope indeed that this will be a model for others who resort to force first when dealing with animals.


I am glad to hear that they are going to training. I saw the SWAT team video and was disgusted that they shot that poor dog even though it was caged up.


I've been saying this for years, ACO's should have to pass a evaluation before being allowed in the field along with police officers.


That's awesome. Let's hope the police deapartment in Lee County, FL do that same thing with their officers - recently an owner, who was told by the police to get a dog due to a break-in. Then while investigating a runaway teen the dog was shot when the officers went into the yard - even after a neighbor warned the police about the dog. The police shot the dog twice - refused to pay the vet bills AND the AC gave her a $300 fine for having a menacing dog! You can read more about it on YesBiscuit....

I think ALL police offciers need training in this area because so many people have pets and there have been too many shootings against dogs.

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