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January 03, 2011



Thanks for inviting suggestions of other blogs you may want to link to. I recommend Time4Dogs, a relatively new endeavor by several respected people with in-depth experience in many aspects of dog ownership.

I think you will find these bloggers' point of view compatible with yours.



Great suggestion. I linked to one of their postings a couple of weeks ago -- and that was the first I'd seen of the blog and had forgotten to include it. Thanks for the reminder.

Lori S.

I love that you're on Facebook. Used the Suggest to Friends link and sent the suggestiont to every "dog friend" I've got on there. A lot of my FB friends who like dogs don't seem to get around to heading over to blogs (even after multiple recommendations for certain ones), yet seem to take the time to read & share a lot of FB posts (even though I think many are far less informative/relevant than what I've read here). I hope that your FB presence will get a lot more people reading your posts!


Good luck with the blog.
I can see you put a lot of work into it.
I believe education is the best way to reduce animal abuse and neglect.
We must do everything we can to encourage the education authorities to include lessons in their curriculums that teach children throughout their time in school that cruelty to any sentient being is wrong and that people and animals should always be treated with kindness and respect.
In these days of large numbers of single parent families and family’s with both parents working, the only place many children will ever learn anything about how to be kind and responsible is in school.

Nicole, trainpetdog newsletter reader

I can't wait to see the changes. I know you have lots of fascinating ideas up your sleeves.

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