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January 17, 2011



In answer to your question, please put me down for "NEXT year it going to be the one!"

In fact feel free to recycle that as my answer every year in future.


My two quotes for Edith's spay (40lb) where $240 and $320.


my state offers low cost s/n, i payed 200 for all five of my cats, not a bad price if you ask me!


"my state" - meaning everyone else's tax dollars had to subsidize your cats surgeries.


Perhaps if you cant afford to spay neuter then you cant afford the vet bills to keep your pet flea, tick, heartworm free as well as regular vet visits. Perhaps you shouldnt get a pet. Last year I paid for 82 cats to get spayed/neutered - I dont even own a cat. I also spay/neuter my neighbors dogs as well as the six that someone dropped off at my house. Why? Im tired of seeing all the sick cats and discarded pups.


My male cat here in Baltimore was only $19 including exam and overnight stay to get neutered. There are plenty of low cost options but they just take some research... same hospital female dogs start at $65 and males $55. This is a private vet who wants dogs S/N that is less then most "low-cost" options.... but most sadly won't do the legwork.


EA -- that is great that there is a vet who is stepping up there. Most cities do have vets and clinics that offer this service. The key is for the animal welfare community to do the legwork to let people know that these services are available. Also, being sure there is the capacity to handle the demand is important.


d. booth,

It seems like a common thing for people to claim that if people can't afford spay/neuter then they can't afford pets.

But that attitude leads to dead animals.

Let's face it, most shelters already have a ton of animals in denying animals homes, or pulling them out of homes, is going to make that problem worse, not better. If people are taking care of the animals, then that is much better than what will happen in the majority of the shelters in this country.

And then there's the reality that we, the animal welfare community, want them to spay/neuter not for the health of the animal, or for the good of the owner, but for OUR benefit.

So why then shouldn't we subsidize this if it is to help us?

It seems like many want to decide that poor people shouldn't own pets....but this self-righteousness only leads to dead animals.


Well, this mandatory speutering might not work right away, and some dogs and cats are going to die, but it will be for the "Greater Good" and in a couple of years it's going to work - the shelter will be empty, and everyone is REALLY going to like it!'s been three years?

Still not working?

The kill numbers are STILL going up?


Dang it, WHEN are we going to see good results from the criminalization of non-criminal behavior? Oh, what the heck if it doesn't work - the control factor is just too much fun! It's way fun to take pets from defenseless poor people with no resources and no attorney on speed-dial. It gives Animal Control such a sense of power.

I am all in favor of non-profits helping pet owners with speutering and basic vet care - and the government needs to butt out. Maybe that will give them more time to fix the streets and worry about crime.

I speuter my pets for MY benefit. If the pets benefit from it, that's a nice side effect, but I do it for my convenience. But if the government starts telling me I have to do speuter my pet, every last one of them will be left intact in the future.

PAMM - People Against Murdering Mutts

Pets are dying in the shelters because of self-righteous jerks like d booth. Exactly WHAT problem do you solve by saying "people that can't afford s/n shouldn't have pets"? Do you want poor people to just kill their pets so they don't have them anymore? Do you think those animals DESERVE to die because they're not altered? That's what you're saying...and people like you, that would rather see an animal dead, and yet claim to care about animals, makes me sick.

Cathie Turner

I think what is interesting is how much the Los Angeles vets increased their S/N charges after the law was passed - something even Los Angeles Animal Services decries.

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