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January 13, 2011



Were the dogs running at large this time or was this child climbing into the yard where the dogs were when she was attacked?
One of the pieces I read seemed to indicate that.
Terrible tragedy regardless but quite different as far as who is responsible.
Unsupervised child or dogs running loose?


The question of who's yard she was climbing into may be a really important one. Clearly if she was climbing into the yard with the dogs that changes the story considerably -- and yet the reports are pretty varied. Some say she was killed in the neighbor's back yard, some say she was in her own front yard. And it's not clear if the neighbor's yard is also the dog owner's yard..and the media reports are all over the place on it.


I always feel so angry for the children. The people who are supposed to protect them, fail them. I think it's interesting that the mother had insisted that the dogs involved in the attack had never behaved aggressively before and that Makayla also lived with a family pit and a resident dog without incident with either of those pets regardless of lack of supervision. I'm curious to know if she was climbing into the dog owner's yard. Even with the update, this part has still been unclear. At loose or in his yard? Such a tragic event. That poor little girl.

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