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December 20, 2010



"The argument isn’t whether the city is in violation of federal law, it’s whether the city can be in violation of federal law"

um, WHAT? how can there be any doubt? the city IS in violation (or will be). Cities are cited for violations all the time.

btw, here's another Vick cartoon, but I haven't seen the source and can't make out the artist:

Karen Fishler

Another recent dog case in Seattle -- common sense prevailed, the dogs will be returned home, the child is recovering, and reader comments were solidly on the side of the dog owner:


The argument isn’t whether the city of Denver is grasping at straws, the argument is regarding how futile those straws are...


@Michelle: and which straw will be the one to break the camel's back...


Karen, thanks for posting that update! Most of the comments were on the side of the owner, but there were a few on the other side that took the cake. There was one that said "If I were that kid's parents, the dogs would be poisoned and the owners would be sued." Its comments like that that make me paranoid. 0_o I think when I can get a house, I'll go live in the country with an eight foot privacy fence that has barbed wire on the top, and perhaps hotwire too. Oh and "Dog on Premises" signs all over, because I've heard that "Beware of Dog" can be used against you as they'll say you "knew" your dog was aggressive or something, if something were to happen.

Karen Fishler

Cristy, sadly, two of the dogs (one has been given away by the owner) escaped on Monday evening -- or were let out -- and "attacked" a neighborhood woman and her dog, both of whom were uninjured. The headline was alarmist and the comments this time are really awful. I had to comment and complain about the wackos insisting the dogs should be killed this instant:

So unfortunately, I think your paranoia is well founded. The only ray of sunshine is that, when Seattle's Animal Shelter trains volunteers, they have them watch the DVD of Turid Rugaas's "On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals." The dogs' fate will be determined in the next 7-10 days.

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