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December 12, 2010



Ah, Denver...Denver...Denver.

Portland refused to work with Homeland Security because they didn't agree with the Patriot Act, and it nearly got them blown to bits. Just for the record, I don't much care for the Patriot Act, either - but there really are real terrorists out there!

Go ahead and defy the federal government, Denver.

What's wrong with the American Kennel Club? Pure and simple, they operated like they were the only game in town for years and it finally caught up with them. Like everyone else it's time for them to tighten their belts instead of nickel and diming exhibitors and clubs to death. My favorite was having to pay $25 to be a CGC evaluator - yes, we get to pay to volunteer! Bizarre.

As far as the dogs looking weird, well, whatever. That's up to the individual breed clubs, not the AKC. And just because the AKC decides to register your breed doesn't mean you have to go along with it.

I do love the "dog bite epidemic/we're all going to die" studies. that's like saying car accidents have increased dramatically in the last 30 years. yea - there are more people and more cars! I'm glad someone took a statistical look at the situation.

Not only that but I think people are more likely to take children to the hospital than they were, say, 30 years ago because they're concerned about scarring. When I was a kid if you were bitten by a dog you were usually spanked because you MUST have done something to the dog to make it bite you. Hospital trips and plastic surgery were not normal.

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