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December 26, 2010



"about 3.6 million deaths each year. ... This can effectively be considered a “no kill” rate."

um, what?

Roberta Beach

Brent, I so appreciate your blog and follow multiple links in your round-ups. Thank you for speaking for those who can't - and for those of us with much less audience. I sent Pacelle a comment - it most likely won't show up as I asked him to share the Pepsi grant with MO to help fund Prop B which he so wanted but is not helping implement....


and "Vick himself pled guilty to drowning, electrocuting, hanging, shooting and beating dogs to death" from the WARL guy. WTF???NO that's not true (unfortunately). You'd think someone so intimately connected with the salvaging of the dogs would get it right.

As Mountain writes in the blog you link: "I noted that Vick has never to this day actually admitted in public the unspeakable acts of torture he personally inflicted on the dogs. The judge commented on this when sentencing him to prison.
“I’m not convinced you’ve fully accepted responsibility,” Judge Henry Hudson told Vick. But in response, Vick still wouldn’t talk. All he would admit to – doubtless on the advice of his attorneys and PR people – was using “poor judgment.” No mention of what he’d actually done to the dogs. And no mention ever since."


Pacelle said "we are the big problem for animal abusers." Apparently, that is only true for those who don't donate $50,000 to HSUS. $50,000 earns you a pass and a proclamation by Pacelle that you will make a great pet owner.


Thanks for mentioning Seattle DogSpot. I just found your site and appreciate all the information you provide. I'm a subscriber now.


I tried to follow the link titled "Position on Michael Vick's Desire for a Family Dog", which is a link to a facebook note it seems, but it only comes up with a page that says "content is currently unavailable." Do you have a link that might work?

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