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December 20, 2010


Jennifer Shryock

Very tragic case for sure. My heart goes out to the family too.
I can not emphasize enough the importance of developing a bond through familiarity during the first months a baby is home. This decreases the novelty of the baby and allows the dogs to adjust to the changes and different stages. Hard to say what "really" took place. Sad all around. If the dog/s indeed lived outside and were not included in daily routines interacting with their people then I would refer to them as 'resident dogs" vs. family dogs. This is a setup that can go very wrong for all involved. Dogs must be safely included in the lives of people to be able to develop the tools to be successful in a variety of circumstances. Dogs that live in homes and observe the daily routines and behaviors of all the people in their home environment have a good chance of being successful and adjusting to new family members. This situation is so sad and preventable. Again, as always, NEVER leave a baby where a dog MAY possibly have access to them.

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