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December 04, 2010



Great post, Brent. But don't hold your breath waiting on money from Bob Barker. These AR programs are designed to TAKE animals from people, not save them. As a friend of mine who is an attorney is fond of saying, "There's a whole bunch of people in law school right now learing how to take your dogs away from you".

Like many cities, Springfield had a gang/crime/drug problem and thought they could help solve it by passing restrictions on pit bulls. At the time NO ONE was in favor of the ordinance, other than a few council members.

If you want to solve your gang/crime/drug problem you have to...wait for it... address the gangs, the crime, and the drugs.

Banning pit bulls doesn't make the gang problems go away.

Forcing middle-aged white women with allergies to get a prescription to buy Sudafed isn't going to make the meth problem go away. (Hint to law enforcement - track solvent sales. Anyone that buys mass quantities of ethyl ether is either trying to blow themselves up, or they're making meth. Or both).

Does human nature dictate that we try to solve every problem by passing more restrictions on law abiding citizens? When terrorists hijacked planes and flew into the Pentagon and the WTC we started taking knitting needles and tweezers away from 90 year old grandmas boarding planes. I remember flying back from the UK with a hangnail and not being able to clip it off. Drove me nuts!

I hope Springfield drops the stupid ordinance. That will be a big victory, since the five largest cities in Missouri currently have some sort of BSL or MSN. I think Springfield is #3.


I hope they do to, I have two inside city limits and am facing crimial charges because they were not registered. They didnt bite anyone or nothing. They got out because my daughter opened the door at 3 am. Well that problem is fixed and even animal control and the police that were called said we had the most well behaved pits they have seen. I have never had a problem with them and I have a two year old and DFS, Headstart, parents as teachers, parenting life skills have all been over (not a problem and they all have played with them). We have walked our dogs and police have stopped us and said what pretty dogs we had. This is inside Springfield's City Limits. Never had a problem. The people at our vet loves when our dogs come in because no one takes their dogs to the vet scared they will be taken away. I am going to college to stop the use of vicious dog, because not all dogs of one breed is vicious. and to be a probation officer. If they act vicious then make the dog a vicious dog not the breed. Thank you for this information because I can now help try to fix the problems that are associated with the breed.

We don't have gang problems here, we have teenage kids acting like fools because we are a middle to high class community that doesn't want to change and except others. We are very Conservative and it took the town until this year to realize their are homeless teens in this town when the problem started well over 10 years ago. Now Meth is a huge problem and I have no opinions on how to stop it other than what they are doing. I do think it is outrageous and I don't want to have to have a prescription to get sudaffed but if it stops the Meth problem than so be it.

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