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December 30, 2010



you have to wonder about a country where Staffy Bulls and Bull Terriers are beloved breeds, but the American Pit Bull Terrier is banned. That makes no sense.

The English have some amusing peculiarities in their language. I went to the Bristol article and it appears that dogs are increasingly "worrying" people.

they're having the same problem on the other side of The Pond we're experiencing here. Two words - bad owners. Dangerous dogs (or "worrisome" dogs, if you will) should statistically be an even bigger problem in the UK because it's so darned crowded. Living conditions are far more congested than they are here in most of America.

Despite the fact no one alters their pets in the UK there is no "pet overpopulation" and I don't believe I spotted any mention of intact dogs as a factor in the increase in attacks. Hmmm....I guess only American canine reproductive organs are "dangerous".

Most cities do not have animal shelters and the biggest fines are for failure to pick up animal waste.

I went to the Bristol article and I liked this quote:

"Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of Dogs Trust, believes the law should come down harder on the owners of dogs that display unwarranted aggression, whatever their breed.

She said: "Our experience shows that dog behaviour is affected more by their breeding, their upbringing, training and the actions of their owners than it is by genetics.""

Do tell. Perhaps they need to invest more money in animal control and less money in bullet-proof glass (but give Price Charles a sheet or two for his limo, please, since his security detail thinks it's okay to drive the heir to the throne into an angry mob of protesters).

I was in the UK about eight years ago and went to the bank with a relative. He has some pulmonary problems so he has a handicapped tag, and the handicapped parking spots were behind the bank in an alley. I stayed in the vehicle - if you've never experienced banks in the UK, they are a pain in the (backside). In the meantime a young man drove up in some sort of delivery truck - he stopped in the alley behind the bank and got what was clearly a pit bull out of the truck to exercise it. After he was finished he spotted me sitting in the vehicle and seemed surprised - he shuttled the dog back into the truck. Little did he know I'd be the last person on the planet that would turn him in to authorities for a pit bull, LOL.

Thanks again, Brent, for another intersting post.


One of the weirdnesses of the situation is that virtually all of the dogs (for example) featured on Bad Rap's website would probably be classified as Staffordshires or Staffordshire crosses and be perfectly OK legally.


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