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December 28, 2010



Brent, I think you're referring to HB2102 in Missouri, which repealed and modified parts of RSMo 273. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Munzlinger, and Rep. Viebrock was one of the co-sponsors. I don't know about "retaliation", but I think it's safe to say they've both had it up to here with animal rights activists. I know I have!

As I read the bill, animal "shelters" were no longer exempt from paying the fee, but dog pounds were still exempt and rescues were not mentioned (don't ask me the difference between a "shelter" and a "pound" - I'm sure it can be found in the definitions in the original RSMo 273).

So, unless something changed, I wasn't aware that licensed rescues had to now pay the fee. I suppose it could have fallen into that "Law of unintended consequences" category. However, keep in mind we have rescues in Missouri that go to auctions, buy pregnant bitches, and sell the puppies for $600 to $800 each. It's not always a completely altruistic endeavor.

This is also the bill that prohibits the state from contracting with any non-profit agency to inspect kennels, shelters, etc.

PAMM - People Against Mad

Well, well, well - where the hell was MAAL on this one? Can't find ANYTHING about HB2102 on their website or newsletter. From what I hear they "said" they notified the rescue community...


Never heard anything from MAAL, but the Missouri Humane Society sent out email notices that rescues would be affected by HB2102. A friend that does Vizsla rescue received the email and forwarded it to me. At that time I said I did not interpret HB2102 as affecting rescues, only "shelters".

"Dog Pounds" and "pounds" are still specifically exempted. Need to find out the difference between a pound and a shelter.

Roberta Beach

Brent, you have voiced my concerns with both Prop B and the new law very clearly and succinctly. Thank you! We do need to be sure to put the ANIMALS first - we do need funding to do that. Ach....I have received a letter from a coalition of HSUS (?!), HSMO, Best Friends, and ASPCA voicing their understanding of the concern of the shelters & rescues in the state being inundated by puppy mill dogs due to Prop B. They indicate, with HSMO being the point organization, that they are willing to help with various means to enable us to move dogs along safely. This is encouraging....


Roberta, can you email me the letter sent by these groups? My email address can be found under my picture in the upper left. This has been a huge concern of mine all along and I hope they have a better gameplan than HSUS has shown in some recent other situations.


I find it interesting that the Misouri Humane Society, et al are operating under the assumption that shelters and rescues are going to be "innundated" with dogs due to Prop B.

Why do they assume this will happen? I'm sure they have dollar signs in their eyes. The only thing that makes sense to me is they think because this happened in other states it will happen here. Besides, it doesn't take affect until November 2011.

If these "humane" groups were so darned concerned about the dogs, WHY did they push for Prop B in the first place? That smacks of the logic harbored by public servants that pass BSL, only to allow rescues to come in and take the confiscated dogs out of the shelter. Why? If "pit bulls" are inherently dangerous and natural born killers, why is it okay for rescues to take them and place them someplace else? Is it okay for pit bulls to kill children someplace else?

I do know MHS and Wayside sent a letter to a major auction house, offering to take dogs off of their hands. The Auction house replied thanks but no thanks - but if MHS and Wayside wanted to follow current regulations, show up with a photo ID, proof of licensing (as is required by ACFA), etc., etc., they were welcome to bid on dogs AND PAY MONEY FOR THEM just like anyone else.

Gee, and everyone wonders why Munzlinger and everyone else has had it up to their eyeballs with these "humane" groups. They push for laws that are Part Of The Problem.


I posted this elsewhere on this blog - Per the "definitions" in the Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 273, Dogs/Cats, Section 273.325, rescues fall under the "shelter" definition. I remembered them being defined separately, which is what I get for relying on memory.

Dog pounds are exempt, as they are defined as "shelters" operated by a government entity (city, county, etc.).

that's the Cliff Notes version. I sent Brent the details.


OF COURSE city shelters are exempt - they are exempt from animal cruelty laws as well (maybe not by law but definitely by practice). I've always wondered why no outrage for the cruelty, the pit bulls mercilessly killed, the needlessly killed dogs/cats in our shelters?

Even the ASPCA sent out a newsletter praising themselves for taking in "midwest puppy mill" dogs and calling them "highly disireable".

WW refuses to take in hardly any KCMO dogs but is frothing at the mouth for these? (In there defense KCMO is a trough of diseased pit bulls - what animal welfare org wants to help those? 8-(

I've been so woefully naive about how much koolaid has been drunk by what I previously considered mainstream animal welfare groups.


Wayside Waifs had a bunch of crates all lined up in anticipation of taking 'puppy mill dogs'. Yay! There was a story on one of the local news stations.

Regarding the city (taxpayer funded) shelters being exempt, I wonder how that's going to work for places like, say, Grandview, Missouri, which contracts to (private) Wayside Waifs for shelter services? I assume Wayside will add that fee to the contract.

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