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December 02, 2010


PAMM - People Against Malevolent Men

And the Humane Society of KC is helping them out! Some "Ray of Hope" huh!? They've shoved all of these pets onto other rescues so they can call themselves a "no kill" shelter and NOW they're patrolling with AC to punish all those irresponsible owners that are guilty of the abuse of having an unaltered dog.

Better dead than bred huh Karen Sands?

thomas thompson

What KC is doing is a volation of the 4th amemdment, they are conducting searches without warrants.Even if they come to the door and knock to see if there is a dog inside, that is still an unwarranted search, because the purpose is to gain knowledge of a dog being present.


Just called KCKS Animal Control to find out how much the ticket is. The officer said, It's up to the judge and can be as high as $500! In this economy, fining people is NOT the answer..targeting the poor areas yes.. but do so with help, vouchers, education, resources.... they don't have any money. How many pet owners will just end up giving up their pet because they can't afford the fine?

Pam Short

and what happens if their dog dies while being altered,will they sue the city,what if their dog is old,is it safe to alter them,this is very scary.

Anna Roberts

Another horrifying sign of the times. And the police-state we are facing. Much as I believe most owners should be responsible and spay/neuter their pets this is NOT a decision for government to make and is over-reaching. This tactic of knocking on doors is a clear violation of the 4th amendment to THE US CONSTITUTION which prohibits "unreasonable searches and seizure". People, even the poor or uneducated, need to wise-up to their rights that are still in place and not give in to the intimidation tactics of over-reaching local, state and national government departments. Do not give up your rights EVER - they will then be gone and open the door for further erosions of our freedoms. Assistance with low-cost spay and neuter vouchers for those who are truly in need by caring organizations, and ideally local government, is the sane and sensible answer.

mary frances

Totally agree with Anna Roberts comment - also I do some volunteer work with a group that offers low cost spay/neuter with emphasis on feral cats - $20.00 is the cost -

The need is tremendous.


warrantless searches, invasion of private property and unspecified penalties... can ANY of that be legal/Constitutional?

Well, sure.. in what universe does anyone left in the US (except maybe a few dog owners) care about the 4th Amendment (or the 1st for that matter).

The terrorists are going to get us and steal our freedom.

oh wait...


This is just another way that animal control and politicians continue to blame the public instead of actually stepping up and doing what has been proven to stop the killing in shelters.

Why are so many animal control directors and politicians so pigged headed and continally refuse to implement what we know works? Why continue following these medieval methods that have been proven to fail over and over and over? The insanity is mind boggling.

Mary Haight

Whatever happened to funding the mobile spay neuter van for free s/n in underprivileged areas? Is everything punitive and fee-based these days?

I don't understand the allure of MSN either - as nokillhouston said, it's a policy that has failed everywhere it has been tried, except for that one CA town that fiddled the numbers. It wastes resources in a big way. Vets hate it. It pits City Hall against its own citizens with these intensely creepy uninvited visits to your home to gather information that could help them arrest you, fine you, whatever. And why aren't people banging on the doors of City Hall demanding the intrusions stop?


Mary Haight asked, "And why aren't people banging on the doors of City Hall demanding the intrusions stop?"

Good darned question. There is one person in KCK who is doing her best but she doesn't have enough help.

First, understand that KCK city government has a long history of pretty much doing as they please. I helped a KCK resident at a street fair in downtown KCK last summer and I was stunned by the KCK residents that came up to the Kansas City Dog Advocates table -they all seemed so nice and so normal, and many of them had endured bad experiences with the city where their pets were concerned. I wondered why they didn't revolt!

I can only say that in all my years of dealing with this nonsense, Kansans are less likely to protest intrusive government than Missourians.

My husband and I recently attended a city meeting where we live to discuss capital improvement projects and the police radios with our two councilmembers. In normal cities infrastructure and crime are the two most important topics, NOT pit bulls and everyone's pets' reproductive status. We're on the Missouri side of the state line. We were discussing crumbling sidewalks.

There was a man at the meeting who was from Lawrence, Kansas (not sure why he was at our meeting) and he said in Lawrence the city decided to put in a sidewalk next to an apartment complex. So, they just put in the sidewalk and billed the owners of the apartment complex, and he wanted to know why our city couldn't do that.

Understandably, you could have heard a pin drop in the room. Our councilmembers were speechless. I finally suggested the city code dictates what city government can and can't do in these cases. Good grief, people would burn City Hall to the ground if they tried that crap here!

I think the residents of Kansas City, KS have just resigned themselves to overbearing government and many of them simply don't know their rights.

mary frances

Mary Haight asked "And why aren't people banging on the doors of City Hall demanding intrusions to stop?"

Animal Control has police powers though limited - retaliation is their mode of behavior in the form of enforcing pet limits and accusations of hoarding...and probably many other dirty tricks.


Don't forget...they purposefully target poor areas with these sweeps. Won't see them doing it in West Wyco. And AC will often let you off the hook if you turn over your dog (don't ask why - only thing I can figure is the fun of killing pets is worth letting the person off the hook) so I wonder how many are getting turned in.

Its sad how many people don't know their basic rights and how few politicians will care to help them.


MichelleD hit the nail on the head - AC targets the poor areas of Kansas City, KS. To use my sister's favorite saying, "They do what's easy". If they tried their usual nonsense in the western part of the city (that's where the Kansas Speedway, and the money, is) someone would kill them and you would never find the bodies. When it comes to enforcement of animal laws, you don't follow the money, you follow the lack of money.

I wish I had $10 for every time I heard a public servant say to me, "Oh, we aren't talking about PEOPLE LIKE YOU". Oh? Then who are we talking about? I thought (pick one) pit bulls were inherently dangerous/we have "pet overpopulation" so we need MSN/intact dogs are dangerous so we need MSN/If someone has too many dogs they bark and they're a nuisance, etc. How then does any of this not apply to PEOPLE LIKE ME? I thought this was about dogs, not people? Hmmmm.......perhaps they can tell merely by looking at me that my dogs are okay?

Whatever. Maybe they all used to work for Miss Cleo's Psychic Hotline. ;-)

Even sadder than the public servants not caring about their constituents is the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City not caring about the pet owners. HSGKC is in KCK and they're directly responsible for some of the coercive legislation, like the MSN, and have done little if anything about the problematic laws or provide a support network for the targeted residents.

mary frances

these comments may be directed at the Kansas City area but this process of chipping away at our rights via out pets is nationwide -

Animal Control is not just about control of animals - its about people control too doncha know?


As a person who deals in a legal capacity with cities and oounties (let alone my adovacy exploits) this is just flat out stupid. I know there's an ordinance which never should have been enacted in the first place. The city would do better to spend the money it is now spending on so-called "enforcement," by subsidizing S/N insead. It costs X amount of money to pay an employee to go around in a city vehicle while on the clock, burning gas and generating paperwork. I'd bet my dog biscuit recipe that that same amount of money could be used to alter no less than 2 animals if not 3. For shame, Kansas City. The ordinance alone was bad enough. Going door to door is beyond my comprehension.


True, Mary Frances - and it's usually done in the name of "public safety", but one of the things that has always fascinated me about municipal government (and trust me, there's little be fascinated about) is how two cities can be side by side, and yet it's like going into another country when you go from one city to the next. There's a city that borders the southern and western border of our city and, other than their larger population and land area, I always assumed our cities and city governments were fairly similar.

Until I went to several of their city meetings. Holy cow. Viva la difference!

I've always wondered - what makes city "X" so different from city "Y" right next door?

Everyone's thoughts?

As the World Turns in KCKS

I've lived in Kansas City, KS a long time,too long. And why does this latest action by KCK AC not surprise me.

Kansas City, Kansas is an absurd little town run by the Irish Catholic mafia and Rick Worner (Mr. Moneybags who controls the Mayor and City Council). Like Brent said the city has a poverty rate of 20%, and the high school drop out rate is equally depressing.

The taxpayers are grossly over taxed and yearly provided less and less in basic city services, like a decent working AC dept.

Funny at year end the Police Dept and Fire Dept provide stats of their performance i.e. response time to fires, etc vs their annual budget. KCK AC only states their budget vs expenditures and states nothing of their performance. I guess KCK AC is a priviledged city dept that doesn't have to justify their LOUSY PERFORMANCE.

Yet KANSAS CITY, KS is in debt to the tune of $2.8 BILLION and still giving millions to developers, all the while cutting basic city services and even furloughing city employees w/o pay 10 days a year.

Back in 2005 the Northeast Neighborhood Group forced the city's existing Mayor to meet with them over their AC complaints; excessive stray dogs, biting dogs, dangerous dogs. The result a year long task force, more laws i.e. MSN and a commitment of $30,000 from a private individual to finance a mobile spay/neuter clinic on wheels. Just the ticket needed in the low income areas of town where many citizens do not have cars or access to local vets offices. New "Mayor Reardon" comes into office does nothing further with this taskforce and the AC's city pound solutions strategized; the private individual had to donate the $30,000 dollars elsewhere.

KANSAS CITY, KS and it's bunch of "AC dog Nazis" and the local KCK Humane Society, know nothing about effective AC nor do they care to learn. The city leaders, the head of their AC have all been invited to numerous seminars, conferences in the metro area that would that would give them the tools to do their job effectively and humanely. Instead they are drinking the AR Kool-aid and again bullying and targeting pet owners. Gee, how nice right before the Holidays!


Yep, KCK AC is made up of a bunch of dead weight, wanna be cops that couldn't pass the entrance exam to work for the Parks Dept. or the KCK cop exam. Their gulag consists of butt kissers, animal abusers, and crack heads, who all got their job because they knew someone. KCK AC officers couldn't get a "real job" or a "real paycheck" in the real world.

concerned wydo citizen

What is sad is that there are folks in Wyandotte County that can effectively manage our dogs without all these laws. Not all my dogs are spayed/neutered but I don't have unplanned litters. All my dogs are vaccinated and well fed. Let's just say I am hiding my critters for a bit.
What I am even more upset about is the Humane Society. All of the vets are very angry at how the KCK Animal Control and the HS have teamed up. when we do find stray dogs or cats...HS won't take them anymore. They have to go to Animal Control first. It is all part of this grant money they are trying to get.
Why don't we try to educate the public about animal management and give them the proper tools to take care of animals.

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