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December 13, 2010



These are great ideas and I am very happy to hear this success story. I am sharing this story and letter with my volunteer group and off to Amazon to find the book Redemption. Thanks again!

Robert Garnett

I'm not from Missouri but to convince my local shelter to become "No Kill" I need more factual data. It's not enough to say it can happen over night. A detailed before and after of each step of the"No Kill Equation" is needed for at least one of these successful no kill shelters. Perhaps the Maddie's Fund could finance one. As for the Nova Scotia SPCA they are trying to become"No Kill" over a 3-5 year time frame. This is a worthy and reasonable goal. However, they,in the beginning at least,no longer perform the A/C contract for Halifax and are not as"Open Admission" as the were in the past. They support CARMA a TNR rescue group but do no TNR of their own(something which appears quite common in all no kill shelters).While their decision to attempt to become "No Kill" is the correct one to suggest it is easy and can happen over night is disingenuous and an insult to all the hard working people who are where the rubber meets the road everyday. If it's that easy "Show me" with a detailed before and after that encompasses not only the the no kill shelter but the effects on all other shelters in the immediate area(especially the intake numbers before and after of all area shelters) When Mike Fry says his shelter is not yet "Open admission" then it seems to me these over night changes are a pipe dream, propaganda or out right lie.

Robert Garnett

One more thing re Nova Scotia SPCA. They are trying to become "No Kill" in all 11 of their locations throughout the entire Province.


What do you suggest for a county shelter, or one that must accept animals regardless of capacity? The no-kill shelters in my area can turn away animals if there is not enough room (which is almost always the case) and so the animals end up at the county shelter who must take them in. Obviously, there is not an unlimited amount of space and funds to house all of the animals that come in. So what is the solution? My county shelter already does much of what was bullet-pointed on the list above, but there are a few things listed there that they can work on (off-site adoptions being a key one, I think). What else should they be working on? What should I, as a community member, be doing to help?



Did you read the entire letter from UPAWS? They did highlight a lot of the before and after. And yes, it took them the better part of a year to implement the majority of the changes - -but once they had all of the programs in place, they were, indeed, no kill. The results in St. Louis were almost immediate. A lot of the success seems to hinge on what programs are already in place and which ones aren't....for instance, if all you need to do is having more consumer-friendly hours, a more inviting shelter, and off-site adoptions, the change can be overnight and dramatic. If your community still needs to set up a low cost/no cost spay/neuter clinic, the changes will take longer.

There's a great piece done by the Nevada Humane Society that details their quest to get to No Kill that is worth reading here:

If you want more details, I think that a good next step would be to call Bonnie Brown at the Nevada Humane Society -- she's just awesome to talk to on this topic.


No apathy,

Obviously it's tough to provide much feedback on what else you can push them to do without knowing the specifics of what is going well and what still needs to be done in your community.

There may be things to change at the county shelter - there may also be a need to push some of the no kill shelters to do more (if they are not doing everything they should be doing to maximize adoptions, they should not be let off the hook and continue to push animals onto others).

I'd be happy to provide a few thoughts and resources for you -- feel free to email me directly and we can discuss. A link to my email can be found directly under my picture in the upper left of this page.

Bill LeFeuvre

Hi Brent, the sign in using facebook is not working apparently, but I just wanted to ask you if you have any more information on the Halifax SPCA, or any other cities that are No Kill in Canada besides Calgary.


Bill from Justice for Bella


At this point, not that I'm aware of Bill.

I think Typepad hasn't been interfacing well with Facebook lately. I suspect Facebook's recent homepage changes are to blame. Hopefully it will all get sorted out soon.

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