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November 07, 2010



Okay, I had to read the "Chris Rock lost a movie role when he "jokingly" defended Mike Vick - -the role was for an upcoming movie about Richard Pryor and Pryor's wife, Jennifer, found the 'jokes' not amusing..." entry three times to make sure I was reading what I thought I was reading.

Are you kidding me??? Did this Mrs. Pryor ever listen to any of her husband's stand-up material? Or does she think he just made those cute movies with Gene Wilder? I'm pretty sure she's one of the women who married Pryor twice.

I am struggling for something clever to write and the words are just escaping me, other than to quote another black comedian, D.L. Hughley, who said, "There's always been things we weren't supposed to touch. Used to be white women. Now it's dogs".

All I can say is Holy Cow.


The 'trainer' (should be 'scummy loser') and the greyhounds are in Florida, at the Ebro track. It's in Washington County, Florida - not Washington state.

And as for kmk - no matter what scatological or sexual or drug-related comments Richard Pryor said in his routines (or private life), that should have no bearing on what his wife did in protesting what Chris Rock said. I think the reason you are struggling for something clever to write and the words are just escaping you, is that you are a jerk who doesn't understand how people actually might care about living creatures in pain and yet still laugh at fart jokes.

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