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November 21, 2010



Good weekly roundup. So, everyone still has their shorts in a wad over Mike Vick. Cheer up, folks, there's always a higher power. I suppose the Devil can find room for him in that room reserved for Randall Lockwood and Wayne Pacelle.

In the meantime....
1. Animal Control officers are given police power without training and - Whoa, glad I was sitting down for this one, they violate pet owners' constitutional rights. Actually, this is good news, considering how many times the courts have told us we have NO constitutional rights.

2. A pit bull is saved because she has a friend that's a Chihuahua. Otherwise, she would have ended up in a shelter that kills dogs, or just pit bulls?, after 48 hours.

3. MSN in Victoria (Australia) results in a 25% increase in killing cats.

4. SanFrancisco, the city of peace, love, and all things tie-dyed, votes to table no-kill indefinitely. Take another little piece of my heart, now baby!

5. Missouri Republicans are faulted for dismissing "the will of the people" in a political cartoon about Prop B, when this is more accurately a rural vs. urban issue. The Republicans may be in charge of the Missouri House and Senate but that's a bit of an oversimplification of the issue. If Republicans are dismissing the will of the people can we then assume Democrats want to put people out of work and kill dogs? It's not that easy.

5. Shelters continue to accidentally kill people's pets.

6. News Flash! Houston TX shelters kill more pit bulls than Mike Vick.

7. And finally, my personal favorite...Maricopa County is killing 100 dogs a day because they're "unhealthy". Okay, I realize it's a BIG county, but valley fever must be hitting dogs at epidemic proportions.

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