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November 11, 2010



don't forget that many (most/all?) military bases BAN "pit bulls" from on-base housing. What will they do if one of these vet/pit bull teams needs to live on-base???

jane miller,LISW, CDBC

Nice to meet you. Cherish the moments. My book, "Healing Companions: Ordinary Dogs and Their Extraordinary Power To Transform Lives," includes compelling stories of veterans and others and how their psychiatric service dogs have helped them survive their debilitating symptoms of PTSD, TBI & MST. Thanks. Peace, Jane
Jane Miller's groundbreaking new book on psychiatric service dogs.

Dianne in DC

I cry every time I watch this... yes, the military has a laundry list of breeds that are banned including German Shepherds and Rotties. Yes, it is probably unconstitutional. I volunteer with Pets 2 Vets, and the shelter interiors were shot at the Washington Animal Rescue League. And the little pit puppy at the end, she was adopted by the volunteer coordinator with P2V.

and she was not a bait dog, she had a skin allergy.

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