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November 02, 2010


Social Mange

Why muzzle a 6 month and one day old dog? Geez, the dog has probably just been spayed or neutered and can safely socialize without fear of impregnation.

And exactly how thin is the air in Denver? Fats and the rest are obviously oxygen-deprived. They're the living definition of insanity - repeating the same action but expecting a different result.


it boggles the mind how people will twist themselves into knots trying to uphold that which cannot be upheld.

So now in Omaha, people are going to have to carry birth certificates attesting to their "pit bulls" age? As for Denver, I have to admit I'm enjoying their plight. I really really really want to see them try to argue in court that the feds have no right to establish ADA regulations that apply to citizens of the entire country (even Denver). Denver can get away with "home rule" IRT gun possession and breed bans (so far...) .. just not going to happen with federal regulations.


Emily, I tend to agree on Denver's plight. I'd love to see them go to court over this trying to defend their "right" to do whatever they want and the courts ruling AGAINST the Department of Justice? It'd be kind of fun to watch...


They may well realize they are wrong, but politicians have careers to protect. Unless the general public has made the issue a priority and are against the policy, do you really expect the politicians to backtrack? If they admit defeat on one policy, what policy or position can they not be attacked on? Unfortunately, Omaha and Denver will probably need new people in those positions before the laws have any chance of being amended.

Alexandria Dolceamore

no gonna like, i kinda like the CGC speculation in Omaha, its promoting responsible ownership. its not hard to do if you actually care about having a good dog.


I live in Denver. Charlie Brown is a confirmed idiot. How he keeps getting elected is truly beyond me. All the people I know who live in his district despise him.


but Dee: obviously not "all" the people in his district despise him.. or if they do, they're not voting.. The ones who DO vote clearly support him. The people who despise him need to find someone to run against him. That's the only way to get change.

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