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November 29, 2010



This is a country that has cornered the market on bullet-proof glass. It's in every bus station, train station, subway station ("the tube"), bank, and post office - even the post offices in quaint villages where you think Jane Austen might come walking down the road. When I ask my cousins on that side of The Pond why they need bullet-proof glass since no one is allowed to own a gun they reply, very sincerely, "Oh, the criminals still have guns".

So why is anyone surprised there's a BSL law that basically amounts to a Paper Tiger?

I wasn't aware there was a "dangerous dog" problem in the UK. It is a very crowded island but if I had to guess I would suspect their "dangerous dog problem" is a lot like ours - highly overblown when compared to human population and other "injurious problems" (is injurious a word?), and in the case of the UK, the factor of human congestion.

I think there are about 65 million people or so on those rainy, cold islands. that's a lot of people and a lot of dogs! compare that to the Scandanavian countries which have 4.5 to 6 million or so people each and you start to see why it would appear the UK has a "dangerous dog problem" unless one considers other factors.

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