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November 19, 2010



Oh wow - blood thinners. I have seen first hand how having a tooth extracted caused one patient (who was only taking aspirin, a non-prescription blood thinner)to bleed excessively for a prolonged period. Dentists require patients to stop taking prescription blood thinners before having a tooth out for this reason. I can only imagine with several puncture wounds...


Well yes -- and double the problem by surrounding the wound with water so it gets wisked away quickly and making it harder for it to clot...


What in the name of Sam Hill is going on?

Every time I look at this blog another person or two has died from a dog attack.

Clearly we need to ban this blog. There's a direct correlation between this blog and dogs killing people. ;-)

Anyway, 79 year old people on blood thinners that live alone have no business with a large dog. A home alarm system is much safer if they feel they need protection. I haven't seen it lately but there was a time a few years ago when I had a string of elderly obedience students coming in with large, out of control dogs. When I asked them why a nice Miniature Poodle wouldn't have fit into their household they all gave me the same reply - their son or "kids" got them the dog for "protection".

Seriously? I would ask them who was going to protect them FROM THE DOG and broken hips?

Ted Moore

Some elements of the pattern seem clear: children vulnerable to the ignorance and irresponsibility of adult caregivers left unspuervised to mingle with 1 or more untrained and/or unsocialized dogs. Elderly people vulnerable to their own or their well-meaning relatives'/friends' irresponsibility and ignorance left alone with dogs with a history or aggression or protectiveness. Those of us in a position to inform the public from a credible organizational platform need to seize this teachable moment however we can. As always, the root of the problem lies in the people, not the animals.

Jennifer Brighton

My sis has a male German shepherd who is lucky to live in an area with a freshwater lake, as well as a saltwater bay. He is exercised 2-3 hrs. a day by running the beach and swimming like a fiend. He is a gentle, loving dog. Makes me wonder how much exercise this woman was able to give a young shepherd. Although our 82-yr-old mother loves my sis's dog who is at her house weekly and considers Mom part of his family, she would NEVER be in a position to own a dog like that. He's a big, energetic boy.

concerned relative

I am one of Shirley's relatives and all of her friends and relatives told her not to get this large of a dog,but she refused to listen. She was also told repeatedly to get rid of the dog and given places to safely adopt the dog out. She loved dogs and refused all pleas for her safety. She was very healthy and strong for her age and we could not legally take away her dog. Don't blame others. She caused her own death by living dangerously and refusing to be sensible.

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