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November 11, 2010



poor baby. But truth be told, the family should be charged! and I hope someone is looking into 30 dogs chained in the backyard! Can we say dog fighting anyone? Sorry, but WHO has 30 dogs chained in the backyard yet they claim "loving animals" is a passion! Poor baby and poor dogs.


Once again, I wish we could push the meme that dogs=strangers when it comes to babies. You would never allow your toddler to wander off alone into an area of 30 strangers. Chances are, he'll be ok as most strangers, like most dogs, are just going to have the expected reaction to the kid - hi, how are you, aren't you cute, etc. But should it happen that you get unlucky and your kid encounters a dangerous stranger or dog, the consequences may be devastating.


Good Lord, not everyone with more than 4 dogs is a dog fighter. Please don't add to the hysteria.


How do they know it was the Pit Bull that did this? And I love the part about loving there animals & taking such good care of them!

Jeff H

I am an upper-middle class suburbanite who makes well above the median income for my Collin county neighborhood. I have a modest home with a fenced in back yard and I love animals. I am capable of caring for a single dog, who is loved and a valued part of our family. It astounds me that a person of modest means would have 30 dogs in their back yard and claim to be an animal lover who takes good care of all of them. I am not going to venture that they were or were not used in fighting. However, I highly doubt they were taken care of at a level appropriate to their dignity.


This link just came across my desk, and since I just read this post yesterday about the same story, I thought I'd pass it on:

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