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November 22, 2010


Keira Fritzen

Good Luck! I voted for you, but you have some stiff competition in that category! I was also shocked to see my dog trainer on the trainer list! Cam Bexton @Bonifide dog academy. She has bought many activities to the area. She is also very pit bull positive!

Social Mange

Had to skip a lot of the categories because I'm Canadian and don't know the U.S. people, but I voted for you!


You`re very deserving of the recognition.
I really appreciate all the work you do on this blog.

Dianne Rhodes

I voted for you as well as some of the folks I met at the No Kill conference this summer in DC.


I voted for you but I was very disappointed I wasn't nominated for "Animal Welfare Lobbyist". ;-)

MoFed's website wasn't nominated for "Animal Welfare Website", either.

What kind of an outfit IS this?

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