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October 14, 2010


KC KS Kills Dogs

Good job Brent on the radio interview!! I thought it went very well.


Really good Interview.


Brent, I am listening to your interview right now -- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS!! And thank you for posting our flyer on your blog -- it looks so beautiful and exciting!

Your post is awesome as is your interview, and all we doggie and kitty cat lovers appreciate all you are doing! GREAT JOB!

I ESPECIALLY appreciate you calling BSL 'outdated'. It seems everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon against American Pit Bull Terriers when that was 'the thing to do'. We need to keep driving home the point that this is no longer the 'thing to do' and that it is passe and outdated. LIke heck, only cave people support BSL....



and sorry: I think our final flyer says, 'Adoptable bullies and other breeds.' Like the sound of that a little better. I'll have to check our flyer in KCDA, OK?

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