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October 07, 2010



thanks for the more detailed summary.
I'll wait to read the whole thing but I can't say I'm comfortable with that "NNB" method. It sounds like the analysis of fear-based misperceptions is fascinating


I confess that the NNB piece of it is a little odd -- however, I think it really does a nice job of demonstrating just what the real risk is for being truly attacked by a dog -- which is very minimal -- vs perceived risk which is much greater.


I'm afraid of junk science.

Has anyone studied that?

Narcissists always think they can make something work when no one else has been able to make it work. That's why BSL and MSN keep rearing their ugly heads. The people that propose the ordianances and laws just know those other folks weren't doing it correctly. Or, they have other reasons, such as using BSL to make a name for themselves. It's also the "easy way out". The folks at City Hell can pass BSL, appear concerned, and look like they've taken action. It also exonerates them from having to actually enforce laws that are already on the books, particularly the leash law.

Clearly perception has more power than reality. If reality were what made you shake in your boots you'd never get a car and drive on the interstate!

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