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September 16, 2010



When you run out of actual reasons to ban something, pull new ones out of your hinney.

Social Mange

I liked this line on

Remember the Denver motto : "Your freedoms, hijacked by the ignorant."


I can't figure out how the stubbornly, purposefully, proudly ignorant keep getting voted in...a modern day case study in how to control a population though fear, and force the murder of thousands of innocent dogs...or whatever else you care to make the boogieman.


The sad truth is that the citizens of Denver appear to support the ban, and they certainly do in the case of voting for city councilmembers who support the ban. The sad truth is that no dog clubs contest the ban now (though the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs did lobby for the recent state law banning BSL and opposed the bans initially). The sad truth is that dog clubs and dog owners (including those of the banned breeds) enable the breed bans and killing by using facilities in Denver and Castle Rock, though their sales/lodging taxes and fees fund the killing. I have seen NO dog club activity supporting the recent lawsuits

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