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September 17, 2010



Everyone knows that a pit bull can attack at any given moment. They were bred to kill. They are bred to fight. They have a high level of aggression.

Why do liberals have such a hard time seeing this.

Why would anyone pick a pit over a lab or a golden retriever is beyond me, unless your in a street gang, own a junk yard (with a hanging tire) or need home protection.


It's interesting c that the only people that "know" this are the people who generally don't have any experience or expertise with dogs.

To the contrary, the all three national organizations representing dog trainers disagree with your statements.

The national organization representing veterinarians disagrees with your statements.

The national organization representing animal control officers disagrees with your statements.

And every mainstream organization that works with rescues and shelter workers disagrees with your statements.

Seems that the people with true knowledge in canine behavior completely disagree with what you say "everyone" knows.

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