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September 29, 2010



Applause! Applause!

Lisa in OH

Sending a HUGE round of congratulations to all involved. Well done :)


"The local AKC club showed up and discussed how many groups (including the area Boxer club) would not come to events in the city"

wow, for real? I didn't know there were AKC clubs that had such principles... I am really impressed. Contrast to the clubs in Colorado that use Denver and Castle Rock... including the "all" terrier club that will hold its special terrier- only event in Castle Rock. Because you know, the breeds CAN show there (as usual there's an exemption). grrr...


Good for them.
That`s impressive.

Did you forget an "un"supervised in that tethering section?


Yes -- but it's fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out.

Yes Emily -- it is amazing how many people are unwilling to take a stand if it inconveniences them in any way.

Roberta Beach

What really impressed me is the officials who attended the information seminar offered by the Defense Fund, took the information seriously enough to run the numbers and see for themselves how BSL does NOT work. Absolute congratulations to all, indeed.


Very good coverage, Brent; however, the Topeka ordinance was passed in 1991, not 1981. Don't make it worse than it already is, LOL.

The oldest ordinance in the Kansas City metro area is Shawnee, Kansas' ban. It was put in place in 1984 and was promoted by a part time city attorney and law student at UMKC's law school named Mike Santos.


I've seen the 1981 date in several places now. It doesn't feel right -- given that Hollywood, FL is generally thought to have the first pit bull ban in the country and it was in 1981 -- but I just reported what all of the other media outlets have reported.


meanwhile the stupidity in Denver escalates: ACO thinks it would be cool to have people spy on their neighbor's pit bull service dogs (I guess to prove that they're not really service dogs??), and city council member still doesn't get that ADA regs do NOT require any certification (or formal training for that matter). And of course, Denver shouldn't have to subject itself to federal regulations. gah

Fran C.

While some "get it" others dont'. Looks like Denver is still nsisting on living in the dark ages. What is wrong with both the media and the politians there? Politicans talk about public safety and then do the opposite of what works?
Kudo's to Topeka.
I look foward to reading about the successful results their new by-laws will show.


It's okay, Brent, you write a great blog and you're forgiven for the 1981 date on the Topeka BSL.

In your defense it sure FEELS as though it passed in 1981; in fact, there are days when I would swear I have been fighting this stuff since 1881!

Hollywood FL, TiJeres NM, Lynn MA, and Shawnee KS were some of the earliest cities with BSL.

Unfortunately, we witnessed the downfall of Topeka first hand - in 1991. The people in Topeka had some very credible residents lined up to speak, including a respected veterinarian and a behaviorist who was friends with Ian Dunbar and was in charge of the 4-H Program in Topeka.

The same trainwreck happened in Topeka that happened in Kansas City, KS. A bunch of idiots stood up and started threatening the councilmembers, telling them they were stupid, telling them they knew where they lived, etc. The BSL passed. That's also similar to what happened in Independence MO, except in Independence it was councilmembers and city employees threatening each other, LOL.

I think Kansas City, KS (1990) would have passed BSL even if Ghandi, Jesus, and The Pope had testified against the proposed ordinance, but there was a solid chance of stopping it in Topeka. It just didn't work out.

Topeka is in Shawnee County, KS and Shawnee County passed BSL about six months after the city passed BSL. (Shawnee County then repealed their BSL about ten years later and replaced it with a generic DDO).

We then had 15 years of relative peace and quiet until all heck broke loose in Independence, MO and Kansas City, KS in 2006.

KC KS Kills Dogs

Interestingly enough, Kansas University law school chapter of ALDF, who hosted a seminar months ago on Dangerous Dogs and BSL invited many Kansas area city leaders to their educational event.

Cities like Overland Park, Kansas City, KS, etc that all have had pit bull bans for years did not participate in the seminar.

I know other groups that have also invited many of the city leaders of various Kansas State cities with antiquated BSL laws; without success. That says a whole lot about a city's leadership when they are not interested in learning how to improve public safety regarding the dogs in their community.

Topeka on the other hand attended and asked intelligent questions. Topeka's city attorney was an attendee and that led him to question the costs of BSL in his city. That opened up his eyes and the rest is history.

Luke Russell

Pitbull attack victim 2 year old Savannah Mae Edwards of Topeka brutally killed by a Pitbull on Dec 13 2012 Thanks you for your contribution to furthering your sociopathic agenda of endangering unsuspecting citizens from fighting breeds of dogs. Great work ars#holes.


"Luke" -- the tragic incident involving Savannah Edwards did not occur in the city of Topeka, but rather in the outskirts of Topeka in unincorporated Shawnee County. The area where the incident occurred was not under the influence of Topeka legislation...nor would the law itself been responsible for it, even if it had been in Topeka. It was a tragic incident, to be sure, but the Topeka law change was not the cause of it.

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