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September 02, 2010



Oh Brent. I can't believe that quote. I would laugh if I wasn't so horrified that someone would open their mouth to make that statement before thinking of how ridiculous it was. I'm so glad I don't live in Denver. We won't even visit unless they lift the ban, even without our pit bulls.


That's get's the Dumb Quote of the Day Award. They must have a serious paraplegic drug dealer problem.


OK, I have to admit I LOVE the scaremongering about the paraplegic drug dealers with service dogs, just because it's so incredibly .... not in this universe. !! lol.

You left out the quote "Councilman Doug Linkhart suggested that Kelley and his department develop a separate licensing process for service animals, as well as a test or survey to accompany the application"

There's a quote in another story from an official who said there "had" to be some kind of obvious connect between the dog and the owner's alleged need.

Um, NO, Denver: the ADA requires you to take the owner's assertion at absolute face value. You can only ask if the animal is a service dog and what services it provides. You cannot ask for proof or require any kind of special licensing.

No, they don't get it. The lawyers will still have to MAKE them get it.

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