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September 10, 2010



I sometimes wonder why people continually read and comment on blogs they obviously disagree with entirely. It's one thing to have an occasional difference of opinion but it seems a waste of time to me to read and comment regularly on blogs where you disagree with the entire premise.


Good post.

People are quick to jump on the hate band-wagon when they are nursing an animal back to health or when they are the one who has to hold the animal for the "purple juice" (Ethanol). I was the one to hold the animal. Every day. Young ones. Old ones. Didn't matter. It was just another one that someone didn't want anymore. Our freezers were supposed to be emptied once a week but most weeks I had to make a call for an extra pickup or two. Now, I am the one to nurse them back to health after their owners muck them up.

It's heartbreaking. It's also a good way to develop a LOT of hatred.

Speaking from the perspective of someone who has been on the Hate Wagon and got off ... it's hard not to hate the people.

I have to fight it. Rationalize with myself. One day at a time. One surrender/dumping at a time. One call at a time where they tell me they will put the litter in a bag and drown them if I don't come NOW. (That's why I have my current litter)

When I have to tell the caller that I can't take them - knowing full well that I'm sentencing the animals to death.

When I hear that the cats were poisoned with Arsenic (yesterday I had the final count of how many are dead - adults and kittens).

When I hear that the puppies were drowned or beaten to death because I didn't take them. (a few weeks ago)

When I am the one picking up the dead bodies.

I'm glad you posted this because it is good to remember that we won't help anyone (including ourselves) by being hateful. It's easy to slip into the hatred but it clouds our judgement.

I do what I can. I can only save a few, but for those few, I have made a difference.

Take a few minutes to run a google search on "The Starfish Story" by Loren Eiseley. It's a good one.


PS -- I know that's not where you were going with your post, but it's important to remember that hatred is on every side of the coin


I needed this tonight. We had a post from a very disturbed woman on our blog regarding a pit bull post I had done. When I clicked her profile, I found she had six other pit bull hate sites set up. One of them has fatal attacks I have never even heard that have supposed happened this year. As I scrolled down the page and noticed the fatal attacks were only pit bulls and were happening several times a week, I really got upset. I had to click off her page and come to yours for some sanity. This hit the nail on the head tonight! Thank you.


It is unfortunate but wherever we go whatever we do there are always going to be these type of people. Who wants to go through life this way? NOT ME!

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