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September 15, 2010


Roberta Beach

I love MT and lived in Great Falls for 4 years; still have a house there rented to a wonderful couple. So glad to hear about the dog park. Bozeman is really becoming a hip place for many reasons. YESH. Thanks. Am looking forward to your updates. Go, MT!

KC KS Kills Dogs

Wow, Montana! I have fond memories of attending college in Bozeman at the University.

Even back then, many a ranch kid attended school and brought his/her dog to class. Dogs weren't allowed in the classroom, so it was not uncommon to see a "cattle type" dog tied to the bike racks outside of class.

When you get a chance Brent you and the Missus will have to share all the details of your trip. Welcome back, we've missed 'ya.


Yah Montana! I've lived in Montana my whole life. Mostly in Missoula and now in Belgrade (just outside Bozeman) I'm glad you had a great time is this great state!!

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