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August 17, 2010


Pet Care

We must feel lucky if you look back at how the legislation on pets was a few decades ago. We just need to put the pressure to get new legislation with no discrimination.

Robert Garnett

What about Pet stores being required to alter their animals prior to sale puting them on a level playing field with shelters?



Pet Stores usually deal in puppies, and with the the new research showing that juvenile spay/neuter being potentially harmful, it may be mandating creating health problems (at least for some breeds). Also, if people want an unaltered animal, there will still be avenues for getting them, but it will be in a less-regulated place which could also be harmful. While I'm not completely opposed to what you suggest, there may certainly be unintended consequences that would be more negative than positive. The reality is that most people would prefer to adopt a pet now and only a small percent would prefer to buy -- but too often the rescue/shelter experience pushes them toward buying. If the shelter/rescue community would put as much effort into improving the adoption experience as they put into trying to regulate everyone else, the problem could be easily solved tomorrow.


The playing field for shelters/rescues isn't level because of their own doing. Using some basic business sense could easily propel them ahead of pet stores in desireability.

We don't need more laws to solve our homeless pet problems.

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