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August 29, 2010


H Houlahan

I think it's important to note that AB 250 has not "failed" in the Senate in the conventional sense.

Apparently no vote is final in the California assembly, and it is *likely* to brought up for a vote today or tomorrow, before the close of business for this legislative session. If it were to pass in another vote (or another, or another), its backers have promised that it will be before the other house (the Assembly) within a half-hour.

The backers have had all weekend to twist arms, call in favors, make unsavory threats and promises.

Californians need to stay away and keep faxing the Senators who voted NO or abstained, keep supporting them, and be ready to fry the fax machines of their assemblymen and women.


Check your Pet Connection Blog link when you have a chance.
It`s also the Sioux City Bite Story.


J.M. -- fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

H -- absolutely. Praise those who are getting it right, and really push those who are not to get them over to our side and to focus on what really works. I don't quite understand how CA legislature works, because bills just never seem to die there...

H Houlahan

"Stay away" = "Stay awake."

Guess I need to follow my own advice here.

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