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August 25, 2010



Leash laws are completely unfeasable in rural area - dogs need to run loose to do their farm jobs and have done so for hundreds of years and most fatalities are not in the country. And some places (one city in France in particular) have no leash laws even in the city. Calgary has over 100 off-leash parks. In both places the ability to run free are credited for having more socialized dogs with fewer bites.

Point proven by the "leashed" and unsocialized Boxer.

Well socialized/cared for off leash dogs are not a threat. Unsocialized, poorly cared for dogs ARE - leashed or otherwise.

I HIGHLY doubt that it is legal for aggressive dogs to run loose terrorizing people just because their is no leash law. If dogs are running loose and aggressive, people can take care of the situation themselves legally - you have every right to defend yourself.

I think we need to diferentiate between "at large" and "unleashed". At large meaning unsupervised and unleashed meaning supervised but without confinment. Something like that...this sounds like a push for more leash laws which will just created a bunch of chained dogs in poor rural areas.


I think this clearly demonstrates why the previous message left on this blog about "safer breeds" by Mr or Ms "Wakeup" is so dangerous.

My condolences to both these families.

Roberta Beach

I lost my favorite personal dog to a rescue English Coonhound whom I brought in. He had had to be "alpha" rolled in a former foster home: red flag one. He became attached to a visitor and when I asked him to leave or pulled him away, turned on me w/bared teeth: red flags!!! I didn't take him to the vet soon enough. He incited my lovely rescue Pit Bull and between them, they tore out the neck of my hound mix of 7 years. I will always be watchful and weary of aggressive tendencies - they get no lee way here anymore. I learned a hard lesson at the cost of 3 dog lives - as well as a broken heart.

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