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August 20, 2010



I find these numbers fascinating. I think they should also report that many insurance companies don't cover certain breeds bites so what breeds are making up all of these claims? My understanding, after we just changed our insurance because of breed specific language, is that they can say they will cover you but if your dog bites and a claim is filed, it goes to underwriting and they can deny it here based on breeds that are not covered. This means they would not pay for these claims. So, again what breeds are doing bites to the tune of $412 million since some breeds are not covered?


Of course Carianne that would be interesting (particularly for those insurance companies that do discriminate). Of course, while it would be interesting, we know it's not the breeds of dogs that are at fault, regardless of which ones were responsible.


I recently changed my homeowner's policy, and found that the new company has ZERO dog restrictions - not for breed, size or number of dogs. I was stunned! The company is Farmers Insurance. Spread the word.


Farmers and State Farm are great. I know there are others that don't have breed restrictions, but these two have really been consistently great in our area.


Gee, this is going to make me sound like a shill for the insurance industry, but:

not all dog bite claims are paid out of homeowners insurance, some are paid out of PLUP (personal liability insurance). PLUP is a separate policy from homeowners. I personally bought a PLUP policy when I planned on getting a dog.

Second, dog bites are likely a rounding error on the factors that determine the cost of homeowners insurance. If you live in the great plains, wind / hail is probably the big cost driver. Live in California? Wildfires, mudslides, and earthquakes. Gulf Coast and Florida, hurricanes. So it's unlikely that our furry friends are the driver behind the high cost of homeowners insurance.

And on a cynical note, if you accept the premise that the insurance industry is whipping up fear over dog bites, it may because they want to sell you something.


Cheshire - you DO sound like a shill for the insurance industry :)

Yes, I realize that in the grand scope of everything, dog bites are just a spec of what insurance companies pay out (and is virtually a nonfactor in their rates). And YET, it's amazing that some still discriminate against certain dog breeds and that they continue sending out their major press-releases about how much money they're spending on dog bite claims.

It's maddening, because they're creating unneccessary fear over something that isn't really a major problem in the grand scheme of things. And yes, I gladly accept your cynical note :)


Please don't give State Farm a blanket pass as non-discriminatory. Every agent can decide if they want to exclude any breed from coverage. I'm going to have to get personal liability coverage because my friend won't get another agent (a friend) and he will not cover Dobes, Rotties, and a few other breeds along with the dreaded 'pit bull.' I want to foster for a Dobe rescue, so I'll be talking to Farmer's for my own coverage.

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