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August 13, 2010



Brent, I actually got choked up reading this. Beautiful post. I hope with all my heart you're right.

H. Houlahan

Change the narrative, change the world.

But ...

Take the example of wolves.

In my lifetime, I've watched the popular narrative morph from Little Red Riding Hood to a sort of story about wolves in which they are boy scouts in fur suits.

Neither. They are animals. Large, powerful apex predators with a biology that does not bow to human ideology, one way or the other.

It would be more helpful if the public heard that story.

Pit bulls, similarly, are dogs. Just dogs -- but powerful, not-for-everybody dogs with a general predilection towards intraspecific aggression that owners must recognize, manage, and train to control. Also, individuals, not a consistent brand-name product. Also, the result of their environments.

Too much nuance for a toss-off narrative.


Thanks's so great to hear good news about these dogs and I so appreciate you letting us know!


H - seems like dogs are individuals, not a brand-name product and a result of their environments is a pretty good narrative for all dogs, don't you think?

And I don't think that is too complex for a narrative.

If nothing else, this is one thing that I think Cesar Milan has helped with -- creating a narrative of a dog's bad behavior being your responsibility as an owner to fix. We can all argue about his methods, but I think that narrative has been effectively created.

Cheryl Huerta

I totally agree on Cesar Millan's contribution to not only the well being of pit bull terriers and other 'strong' breeds but to the welfare of all dogs. Thank goodness for him and for what he is showing us is possible with all dogs regardless of breed.

I am making my contribution to have a pit bull terrier that is a good will ambassador for the breed; which I do. It is in part due to Cesar and what I've learned from him that I can make a contribution. When we take our dogs out, one half pit and one purebred, some of the 'myths' other people repeat to us that they believe is true is totally astonishing. They listen to the media and base their knowledge of pits on what they hear/see there. Many people truly believe that dogs can't change when dogs change more easily than humans do and with much less effort. Thank goodness the narrative is changing away from fear and moving toward what truly is. The local news folks will follow the national news, breed bans will crumble and the pit bull terrier will no longer be used, abused and feared. Hopefully we will have learned a lesson by then and there won't be anymore 'dangerous breeds' for people to fear and loathe.

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