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August 21, 2010



Great blog. I really appreciate the information you provide. I started volunteering at our local animal shelter this summer. Also I am working on a database (to record and manage donor/donations information) for the non-profit associated with the shelter. Also the proud owner of two doberman girls.


Is there an AC in the area the people *could* have reported the dogs to? If so, would that AC have responded and taken effective action? That's another huge problem in poor, rural areas (mine included).


Macon does have Animal Control, but it is a very problematic AC:


You got to love this web site!

Its never the dogs fault!

Its never the breeds fault!

Big Powerful dogs need to be regulated!

Dangerous Breeds Need to be Regulated - and because low life scum bags are attracted to big power status symbols which Pit Bulls Represent, they need to be Regulated!

How many people have been killed this year due to Pit Bulls!

I can't wait until someone has a security camera in the back yard and actually catches one of these pit bull attacks on camera!

Then people will open their eyes to the danger that lives next door.

Sure all your Pit Bulls are loved and friendly! But guess what, Pit Bulls have killed more people this year than any other breed.

If it walks, quacks and looks like a duck its a duck!



Greta, that's what people like you don't seem to understand. Animal abandonment is "regulated", but it sure didn't seem to keep the owner of these dogs from doing it.

So while we could use limited animal control resources to try to deal with dogs of certains size, looks, or whatever and only focus on the people who are actually caring for their dogs - it has proven, time and time again, that the only way to effectively deal with these situations is to deal with the deadbeat owners who would abandon their dogs in the home left to survive on their own.

And yes, it's never the dog's fault. It's always the owner who has completely failed them that leads to these tragic events. And if we don't focus on the owners, the problem will never be solved. And focusing on the dog only increases the ignorance that causes these situations in the first place.


Kind Sir,

I understand just fine.

What ever regulation they did or did not have was not good enough to prevent these dogs from either being owned in the first place or left behind.

There is a reason why you pay a higher premimum for car insurance for a high performance import versus an American POS.

The reason is, over time and common sense the High performance car leads to more problems.

Car Theft, Accidents, poor structure, etc...because of this their is more Regulation (i.e. higher insurance) for owning this special type of car.

Same too should be in place for Pit Bulls.

Just my opinion, but if the scum bags who owned these dogs had to pay insurance at a high rate just to own these dogs or face the loss of their home, I am sure they would have thought twice before even owning them.

This would take away your "Low Income", "Renter" arguments.

Only Truly Responsible people would be owning Pit Bulls!!!! Which is what you and everyone wants.


Greta, what's funny is that your idea has been tried -- countless times over the past 20 years. And it has, without exception, failed every time. Too many enforcement resources get used trying to enforce the law on people who were never a problem in the first place (which is the VAST majority of owners of all breeds).

Animal control resources are not unlimited -- anywhere. And until we insist that they are focused only on the small percentage of people who are truly problems, they will fail.

And people (like you) who insist on beating the dead horse of pushing for laws that have proven to be ineffective everywhere make the problem worse, not better.


Doug, go away.


The very patient responses by Brent to this individual are actually quite helpful when speaking to other individuals who are misguided in their beliefs but do have a genuine interest.


Interesting links, but you are far too obsessed with being anti-BSL. Instead of complaining how it supposedly doesn't work, why not focus your efforts at getting all the pit bull owners to spay/neuter, take obedience training w/their dogs, socialize their pits, not chain their pits, be more aware that the the little thin collar and lead will NOT hold their dog if the dog suddenly bolts after the neighbor's Maltese. Make sure their kennel/fencing is secure to hold the dog when the owner is away should the dog suddenly go into a frenzy at something it wants outside its fencing.

Not all pits are bad, but you shouldn't pretend as if they're all lovable and friendly either. The owner of a bully type dog who trains his/her dog, socializes it, takes it to obedience training, gets it sterilized, walks it properly does the breed proud b/c the neighbors won't be so afraid of this type of dog and when they see it behaving so well, they'll be impressed.


DB, I actually spend a fair amount of time on this blog talking about training, socialization, tethering and a variety of topics related to responsible pet ownership. And yes, I realize that all dogs are friendly (although most are) -- but also think it's fair to always point out that they are always a product of their owners.

Social Mange

Greta and DB, get your heads outta your....

Define a "pit bull" for me. Absolutely, incontrovertibly define one.

You can't. Because there's no such thing. "Pit bull" is a slang term categorizing a dog by appearance.

Stop focusing on appearance. Any dog can bite. Regardless of size or appearance, it is an owner's responsibility to train, contain and control his or her dog. The look of the dog is irrelevant. All that counts is the owner's degree of responsibility.

Let's spay/neuter some of the humans I've met in this lifetime. I've got a list.

Brent is so nice and polite with these nutbars. I'm not.

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