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August 30, 2010



I love this, mainstream advertising is just *so* important... it's just...

"There was a boxer in Newark, tied to a street lamp, the collar grinding into to his neck as kids beat him with sticks"

Why? Why do we gotta keep mixing up the 'abuse' story with the 'adoption' message? Sure, there are some people who'd be moved to adopt an abused animal, but chances are they'd already consider a rescue.

If we're selling the adoption concept to the general pet owner they just want a nice pet that will get along with the kids. It feels like an opportunity lost to confirm their suspecions that "rescue pets are all abused"...


Agreed the article states 90% of lost pets don't make it home so the majority of these animals are simply lost.

But overall this is a HUGE deal that companies are willing to spend this type of coin to market to pet owners/lovers. Yeah, its to make money. But money solves a lot of problems and no REAL shelters/rescues have this kind of coin.

Now, if rescues/shelters will do the work to make sure these adopters have a good experience and actually go home with a pet...

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