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August 06, 2010



As a native San Diegan who is often embarrassed by my city's actions and politics (can you say "bankruptcy" and "Congressman Bilbray"? Gag.), this is a breath of fresh air.

My family has adopted all of our pets over the years from a variety of facilities throughout SD, and I guess it does not surprise me that SD is leading the pack in doing the right thing by our animals and their guardians. Helen Woodward, the gorgeous new mid-city shelter, and the many smaller SPCAs and Humane Societies should be an example for other cities.

Its nice to hear success stories for a change.


Hi Liz, I too am a native San Diegan. I didn't get involved with animal welfare until after we'd moved

While I agree that there are some awesome shelter facilities in San Diego, both public and private, they've still got a ways to go as it relates to pit bulls.

In 2007, one of the only facilities that would intake and adopt out pit bulls was Escondido Humane Society. When Katrina hit and a bunch of "pit bulls" were sent to SD area shelters, the other shelters refused them, including Helen Woodward.

I took a quick peek at the adoptable dogs - sure enough, no pit bulls listed at Helen Woodward or the San Diego SPCA or Humane Society.

I'm not saying these shelters aren't doing great things - but they could still be better!


I suggest everyone go on petfinder and see how many pit bulls their shelter or rescue has up for adoption. If they don't have any send your money elsewhere.

NO to SD Helen Woodward

Helen Woodward's performance and ideology is disappointing at best and in my opinion shameful. I rescue animals and found out first hand that they are the prime 'cherry pickers'. In other words, they only take the most desirable animals in almost every case with very very few exceptions. They told me they will never take any dog that even has even a hint of pit bull or bully breed AND they only take dogs less than 4 months old and cats too! They will never ever take in any animal with a health problem or a handicap!!! They have a budget in the MILLIONS and only adopt 1400 animals a year. Their "programs" are developed to get dollars in, not to save desperate animals. They also have a KILL attitude! Their highest-ranked employees actually criticize the no kill movement!! I would never give one dime to this organization. It is a profit machine with a pretty face and little else. Most local rescues do the same numbers but are taking the really needy animals like seniors and stray cats and some with no legs or that have cataracts. My rescue associate gave a dog to Helen Woodward and 2 days later they called and demanded the dog be take back immediately. The dog had an abcess that was missed by all. Helen Woodward ENDANGERED this dog's life. They refused to treat the dog and gave her back BLEEDING! My friend- a sole rescuer with limited funds- had to take the dog to ER surgery and paid hundreds more because of Helen Woodward's self-serving SELFISH policies. That's what they do with your MILLIONS in donations. Please do NOT give them ANY money to them.

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