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August 24, 2010



"Pitbull type dogs" - until we see some photos, I'll put this down as "unspecified domestic canidae"


But they killed someone. They MUST have pit bull in them.

I'm so frustrated with these irresponsible owners. You just can't fix stupid. It's not fair that other people have to suffer the consequences of their inaction when it comes to their dogs.

I'm holding out for pictures too. They can't be THAT sure because "pit bull" isn't in every headline. Also, how was the son "attacked" but not hurt? This might be another case where the man actually died of a heart attack or other cause. We see those cases too. Of course, they kill the dogs first and then absolve them later once the coroner's report comes out (that poor rottie in Chicago who was trying his owner to the door suffered the consequences of his loyal actions despite the family fighting for him). Tragic all the way around no matter what details emerge.


Nevermind. They're all picking it up as Pit Bull now. I think my favorite picture is the trash bag with the captioning under it "the pit bulls were euthanized." (I'm being sarcastic) I certainly hope that isn't the only picture we get of the "dogs." Prayers for the family. Glad the "owner" is in jail.

Thanks for always being on top of things and posting details as they come.


If the nutters that are commenting would choose a safer breed, things like this would not happen.
Look at Sheryl Sellers picture. She is not a thug, doesnt look like a drug dealer, or a criminal. She looks like a decent person who was tricked by the pro Pit Bull people who scream it's all in how you raise them.
I'm here to tell you that it's not.
Pit Bull owners should be scared, very scared of what their dog will do given any chance.


Oh, of course. All pit bulls are crazy aggressive and it's just a matter of time. This is why of the 5-8 million 'pit bulls' out there, about 15 are involved in an incident like this every year. The statistics don't work in your favor on this one.

I don't know Sheryl Sellers (and I doubt you do either), and I am not even sure that the pictures being posted are really of her. Regardless, you don't have to be a thug to be ignorant and careless -- and having multiple dogs with a history of aggression running at large behind a fence that clearly wouldn't contain them is certainly a bad recipe.

It's a shame that with all of the information out there from experts about dog behavior, that there are still a small but vocal group of people like you out there who would rather wave their arms and fear monger rather than focus on real solutions to the problems.


"...choose a safer breed, things like this would not happen."

Speaking of dangerous.
What a terrible thing to promote.
Some seem to be so consumed with hatred for dogs that look a certain way that they can`t see the forest for the trees.


"...choose a safer breed, things like this would not happen."

Right, because of the fatal dog attacks that occurred in 2009 there were 16 different breeds represented.

My friend's daughter was bitten in the face by an Affenpincer.

My friend was bitten just yesterday by a lab.

There are no "safer" breeds. There are only responsible and irresponsible owners.

Jered Yates

My name is Jered, I am Jerry's son. I find it amazing how people can start talking about something they know NOTHING about. Heart attack huh? Wonder why I didn't think of that when I found my father torn to shreds, I mean, that would be the logical assumption I guess. And as we all know every time somebody get's "attacked" by a dog, they get hurt. I mean, how is it possible to get away?! I just love how people can make such ignorant statements (I'm being sarcastic). The primary reason I didn't get hurt was just pure damn luck. Of course, steel toed boots don't hurt either, that helped to keep them from actually getting a bite til I could jump up on a nearby workbench.


Jered, I remember seeing a lot of comments about "heart attacks" etc in the mainstream media. In fairness, no one here is denying what happened.

I'm sorry for you for the loss of your father -- and I hope justice is eventually served, although I know it will never replace your loss.

Maggie Brown

This is heartbreaking! Hindsight is 20/20 but why would someone allow agressive dogs on his property when they couldnt be restrained? My heart goes out to his family.

Maggie Brown

Thank goodness the Yates son wasnt also attacked since the dogs were found on the loose on the property...

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