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August 31, 2010



For clarification, what is an "attack record"? News report? Bite report? Bite report of a "serious" bite that is then called an "attack"? Thanks!


Lori, based on the context of how it was used in the report, I interpretted it to be a statistical recording of all dog attacks by breed in the country.


The study supports other scientific work on dog bites. Guys series of reports in 2000, looked at dog owners in a veterinary caseload. A study in Germany, showed aggression of the targeted breeds was not any more so than the baseline breed (goldens). Studies of bite prevention programs shows that involvement of parents helps to reinforce the lessons. And a recent study of dog owners at a university vet teaching hospital showed a large number of dog owners were really not aware of the risks of dogs to children, they basically underestimated the potential risk of a dog bite from their dog.

All the scientific work done does not support any sort of breed ban. As this report points out, and as in other reports, adults are likely to be the ones bitten by the dog, mostly in trying to break up a dog fight. Yet is it the child that is most likely to be reported. Hence, the apparent perception that children are somehow the "targets" of dogs.


Thanks for the info. Shared with the Sterling Heights (MI) mayor & council (along with excerpts from your post on what a good dangerous dog looks like) after seeing that they're planning a "pit bull workshop" for input on strengthening their dog ordinances.


For good measure, I sent (nearly) the same letter with this info to the Rochster Hills (MI) council too since there was a story about someone calling for a ban after his dog was attacked. I can't even begin to tell you how helpful your blog posts are for helping me sound more coherent and fact based. Thanks so much (and Happy Anniversary :o)


I am proud to be Dutch, because here rather then hold on to dumb unfounded prejudices about dog breeds we know what is really important such as teaching children how to behave around dogs, any dogs.
We have tons of big so called aggressive dogs in our neighbourhood and no it's not a back neighbourhood in some big city but a medium size country town, and no bite incidents that I know of.
I wish people could think about this and stop holding on to what ultimately kills thousants of innocent dogs.

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