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August 10, 2010



Thank you for this support, Brent. In addition to having some heavy weights from the ABA with us, we were really excited to have the ADBA (American Dog Breeders Assoc.) at our side at this event -- a sign of progress if I ever saw one. They kicked ass, btw, and proved that providing services to under-served dog owners is as easy as showing up and having the right attitude. More to come as we all move forward with best ways to help pit bull owners in the east bay.


Gasp - working with breeders to help solve the problem?

That's awesome - and yes, we too have found that promoting voluntary spay/neuter programs brings a lot of allies out of the woodwork to help solve the problem that you don't always find under oppressive laws.


Donna, if anyone give you grief let me know. I'll take them out back ;-)

I can't find the words to express how great these new partnerships and programs you're creating are...this is exactly the kind of thinking that will help us end the killing.

Dianne Rhodes

The Washington Animal Rescue League is doing a once-a-month free neuter/spay clinic for pitbulls -- no restrictions. They open at 8 am and by 8:15 they are full. Checkout the smiling dogs and proud owners on Debbie's blog for kids:


That is awesome Dianne!

In an article about people literally lining up to be responsible why do they have to play the negative nelly card? It doesn't even make sense for this post.

" If only every dog and cat guardian would feel the same. This is a particulary tough time of year for animal shelters -- puppies and kittens, litter after litter, all needing homes showing up daily. "

They had to book overflow for pete's sake but we're never going to miss an opportunity to bash the irresponsible public.


Of all of the things that piss me off, and it is not a short list, I think that the 'irresponsible public' rhetoric that so many people mindlessly and destructively spout, pisses me off the most. It holds back lifesaving progress. The corollary that public irresponsibility regarding animals defines the South gets my hackles up even further. And don't get me started on the misconception that the North is some sort of magical, mythical wonderland for animals where everyone is responsible. Relying on the Myth of the Irresponsible Public as the root of all shelter killing reveals an endemic lack of disciplined thought about how to solve problems effectively (ie with the willing participation of the public). A little disciplined thinking can go such a long way. Blaming the public leads to so many missed opportunities.


I know this is an older blog posting, but I wanted to say I completely agree with it!

A long time ago, I once watched one of those "Animal Cops" shows on Animal Planet. This one was located in South Africa, at the Cape of Good Hope. They had a truck go to an extremely poor neighborhood (and I mean POOR, poorer than we can imagine here in the US), and offer free spay/neuter and veterinary services to these people, and they lined up at this truck with their pets (who were well fed and loved, even though the people probably could barely feed themselves). These people were happy to see the SPCA's truck pull up, and I remember thinking what an amazing program this was. I wondered, if they can have a successful program in South Africa, with all that strife going on over there all the time, why can't we have some good programs over here??

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