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July 12, 2010


No Kill Houston

I've found the same thing in Houston when it comes to animal issues. It's hard to get reporters to do a story involving animal issues at all, then they frequently only report the "sanitized" version of a story that the city tells them. Most reporters rarely dig deeper to discover the entire story. It's very frustrating that citizens hear information that is most times very inaccurate.

It really makes me wonder how accurate the other stories that they report really are?


I don't understand why they didn't interview Paul the Octopus on the success of the law. That would really get ratings!


"then they frequently only report the "sanitized" version of a story that the city tells them" -- exactly what happens in KC. The last time I went on tv I gave them all kinds of facts about intake number, etc. Head of AC blew smoke up their pant leg. Anything straight from the city is considered the source of the info so no fact checking required. They don't want to spend anytime fact checking anything the opposition says so none of my info made the air. You'd almost have better luck going on factless rants because no fact checking is required and at least you'll get some air time.

Lisa Hirsch

I don't know if you read the economics & politics blogger/econ professor Brad deLong, but "Why oh why can't we have a better press corp?" is one of his regular laments.


I think the issue is that the "reporters" are not "journalists". I'm frustrated with the same thing all over the place. They only ask questions and cover stores that are "sensational", not really trying to find out the facts.


Quality journalism is largely dead in this country, I swear. It's almost a waste of time to watch the news or read the paper anymore.


Pai, I agree. When I watch what is supposed to be the news, I am constantly amazed at the fluff and celebrity bs that they talk about. Recently, a program on one of our local news broadcasts was "how to get the perfect bangs".

This is why I am glad I get to write for Since I can't get the media to do animal stories that matter or are even remotely accurate, I can write about it myself. I'm not a journalist, but at least I try to fact check before I publish something.


Journalism requires diligence and courage. Reporting requires good hair. End of story, except within the alternative media, like this blog. Tiny audience, relatively speaking, but it's growing. Who gets a newspaper anymore, and who watches the 6:00 news? Change takes time. We have it. They don't.


Last night on Nighline, they did a "story" on Mel Gibson's fights with his baby momma. Although Gibson came out sounding like a wingnut, is this really journalism worthy of Nightline? The next story was about Sarah Palin's daughter's plans to marry her baby daddy. Again, this is journalism? Seems the only thing newsworthy these days are children born out of wedlock.

Perhaps we can somehow work thought into the "pet overpopulation" theme and get some media coverage that way? ;-)

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