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July 11, 2010



The most recent Sterling Heights council meeting had plenty of PRO-BSL supporters in attendance. Folks who live in the metro Detroit area need to make a point of attending the next council meeting to show your opposition to BSL -- and just as important -- offer proven breed neutral ordinances/solutions.


That Ontario Story where the dog(restricted) is being ordered out of the Province makes no sense.Here are the penalties for violation of the Act.
The penalties apply to the owner in the case of a restricted dog not being in compliance unless I`m missing something here.
It does not say the dog has to be removed from the Province.
They seem to be making the rules up as they go along.


I live in Weatherford, Texas. We have an organization called Parker Paws that works along with our animal shelter and they are wonderful. They've started a "foster parent" program that will foster dogs or cats, give them vet care, grooming, socialization, whatever they need to be adopted. They also hold many adoption events at local PetsMarts, etc. and post pics in the local newspaper and online at Can't say enough about these good folks. My point I wanted to make is that they keep the adoption costs low and they do include spaying or neutering. And, for the month of July you can adopt 2 cats for the price of 1, only $35, and that includes having your animal fixed! Wake up people, it's not about your bottom line, there should be no profit when you're dealing with an animal's life. Lower your prices!!!

Bett Sundermeyer

Good collection of articles! Thanks for posting one of mine.


If there is one thing I learned from the Pitbull hysteria, is that one ought to choose wisely which dog breed to be bit by.

Got bit by a Labrador, Golden or Standard Poodle? Bad things happen.

Got bit by a Pit? Suddenly everyone is behind you, press politicians and all. And by God they will make sure no one will get bitten by a pit again!

Since no one (even the pit haters) claims that all bites come from Pitbulls, I can't quite understand how their proposed breed bans are going to make everyone safe (assuming that they work, which we know isn't true)- including those who got bit by Labs or Poodles. Which isn't that isn't as rare as some might think.


I'm constantly amazed at your ability to wade through and analyze so much news, Brent. Thanks for your tenacity.

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