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July 09, 2010



I couldn't agree more..what a wonderful idea a "NO KILL COMMUNITY". Will it ever happen? Sorry to say, No. There are too many people out there that do not visualize this horror, or are just simply not aware of what is going on. Articles like these need be globally syndicated to educate the rest.

Thank you



The reality is it can happen, has happened, and is happening across the country. It just takes everyone in the community to do the right things to make it happen.


Tompkins County, NY has been a No Kill community for 9 years, and several others have followed suit. It's not an impossible dream, its a reality.

Sunny Reuter

Regarding No Kill - I believe Nathan Winograd is someone to look into.

We have a BSL law in Ontario. People and politicians are beginning to speak out against it.

Also, just wanted you to be aware of what is going on in the province of Ontario, Canada with regard to the lack of governmental oversight of the Ontario SPCA.

Bett Sundermeyer

I agree, but I'm confused. The article says "The Humane Society is an open-door shelter". To me, open door means open admission. But it sounds this shelter is really a limited admission shelter?


Bett -- I know. When the El Paso article first came out there was some discussion here on whether or not they were really no kill. They make it seem like they're open admission, but several people were rubbed a little wrong with the notion that when they were full they would tell people they had to wait to drop their animals off.

While I get that this can be a viable alternative for good no kill shelters, it also seems pretty likely (especially if they're doing this a lot) that people are then taking the animals across town to the high-kill shelter. There was something about that statement that several people commented seemed disingenuous at the time (and probably more so with more information).


I called El Paso - they're playing with words. People first started bastardizing the term "No Kill" now "open door". Sure, they take in every animal they can WHEN THEY HAVE ROOM. Heck, so do I!

The KCMO shelter needs improvment (or complete overhaul) in too many items to list, but the one hurdle they are facing that NO ONE in the KC Metro is: They are open door for ANYONE in ANY city to dump their pets. Olathe and KCK are open admission for their citizens only but the rest of the community has to go to KCMO. Even Independece, MO is limited admission for their own residents!

Funny, no one wants to take on the KCMO Shelter contract because the shelter is such a mess - and none of the big orgs are seeing the hand they play in it.

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