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July 15, 2010



I HATE that story and was really disappointed in Dr Patty's blog.

There's not a shred of evidence in the report that any pit bull owner actually is committing the fraud of claiming his dog is a service animal when it's not. No attempt to actually contact ANY owner of a service dog that happens to be a pit bull.

There's not only "no there there"... the writer (refuse to call the person a reporter) references the story of Rachael Ray's pit bull alleged bite incident (which has never been confirmed and which she has denied). WTF???

The current lawsuit in Denver involves actually disabled owners who have service dogs that happen to be pit bulls. No one is trying to "skirt" any law.

To quote YOU: "why is it so hard for the media to collect the actual data"???


Emily, I agree. The idea that anyone wanted to make this into a story is pretty ridiculous. Given the recent events at the city shelter and all of their other crappy numbers, the idea that "a half dozen" pit bull owners are the problem is pretty ridiculous -- even if the story WAS substantiated (which it wasn't).

And yes, the Denver case involves actual service dogs -- so may not have been the best example -- but I included it to note that problems with the ADA are not new for these laws (one way or the other).

The Rachael Ray thing was laughable -- the original source for that story was the National Enquirer -- and every other source that reported that story linked back to the National Enquirer (or to another source that went back to the Enquirer).

And the whole thing ignores the issue of "are the dogs dangerous" and what should we really be doing about it?

Tony Collazo

This is a common case of stereotype!! It's not a fact that all PITBULLS are bad, mean and deadly! To be quite frank we are dog trainers and there are much more aggresive breeds out there than these pits.
The highest kill rate on a specific breed is Rottweilers and they're not banned, are they? Bet you didn't know that the most unexpected dog bite is Golden Retrievers, crazy huh?

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