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July 26, 2010



I tried to listen, but turned it on a few minutes early and got treated to some crazy right wing talk, so I changed the station and when I returned after 3:00 the quality of the sound was so poor and I couldn't quite understand how what they were talking about related to pet issues, so I gave up :( As an NPR junkie I guess it's just hard to switch to AM.


Funny, I don't hear much about animal welfare on the NPR stations in my town. That sort of thing is usually on the AM talk radio stations. As for sound quality, ever try to actually listen to Dianne Rehm? Whether referencing content or delivery, that's right up there with Sean Hannity.


Yes Alana, the mayor was late to the studio (he got lost en route) and so he didn't come on until about 15-20 minutes into the program. The first part of the program was then used to call a guy that is apparently walking across country with his dog to raise awareness for something -- and he was talking on a cell phone from eastern Colorado and it was pretty poor sound quality. It was a lot better once the mayor came on.

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