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July 20, 2010



I love this idea!


I definitely think this could work. Mayzie's adoption fee was $125 but we gave the rescue $150 (although they weren't on the "pay as you wish" plan) just because I know how much it costs to rescue...and it made me feel good to do so. :-)


I felt my dog was worth more than I paid when I adopted him. I have made additional donations over the years to that organization as a thank you for giving him a space in their organization and for making his adoption fee so affordable.

Nathan Winograd

The Nevada Humane Society did a "pick your price" adoption event in December. They did 112 adoptions, only two were free, many paid over the normal fee, and it averaged $31.50 per adoption, higher than the $25 promotion they normally would have run.


Great post! You truly have the pulse of the shelter/rescue world...

We have thought about this idea at our local shelter and I oftentimes wondered what the result would be, suspecting it would work out to our advantage. I hope more shelters/rescues post their results...

H Houlahan

This is de facto how it works out for many smaller breed rescue groups.

If a great home really can't manage the suggested adoption fee, our breed rescue works with them. Many adopters contribute more -- if not at the time of adoption, then later on.

Providing lifetime-and-beyond support for adopters seems to translate into regular giving, though that's not the reason we do it.

mary frances

In Seattle, I know a wonderful lady who adopts out cats - she works with people I have noticed - like if a cat is not especially sociable - she'll give a discount to the right person - Snarley Snow Princess comes to mind, who only wanted to be up high on a perch and hiss - Snow Princess not only got a home but got a great home.

mary frances

Meant to say so I will add - Snow Princess had been found in sub-zero temp abandoned with portions of her ears lost due to frost - she had a reason to hiss -


I've been hearing of Seniors who are not able to reclaim their pets who stray due to money. This would be a great help to them. I was thinking a foundation to help Seniors keep their pets would be a great idea. Not just financial distressed, but help with grooming, walking, vet visits, wellness checks, etc. My uncle had two dogs, had a great deal of trouble caring for them his last years in a wheelchair. I helped, hired caregivers to help, such a group would have been a great assistance. I have the dogs now and they are happy.

Many people can't pay an amount in a lump sum, but would still make good pet owners. As long as everyone is being judged the way, it sounds like a good idea to me. Our local shelters sometimes give away cats for free so they don't kill them and most people do leave a donation.

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