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July 27, 2010



btw, the new ADA regs (with discussion) are a must read... specifically address the breed issue. And no, localities may NOT forbid certain breeds from service dog status.

link to the regs here:


I am in the insurance biz, although I do NOT handle property/casualty lines. I was stunned recently to find a large, well known and established insurance company that does NOT discriminate against dog owners of any type. No breed, size, or limit restrictions. I do not have any relationship with the company, except as a policy holder, but I am happy to refer people to Farmers Insurance for this reason. I know a lot of people who have multiple dogs, and many are large breeds that are on the "lists" of almost all insurance companies, and try to refer them to Farmers. The interesting thing is that some of these people are so paranoid about dog issues that they are not just flocking to apply for coverage because of the fear that this company, too, will change their policies if they catch on to this move. No matter how many war stories I tell people about the risks of being uninsured, they are still afraid to apply.

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